A master at lace, or as we would say in Russian «Masteritza po kroughevam», Anastasia Trufanova is a fashion designer, graduated in Russia.


She has been living in France since the end of 2011, and since november 2015, she has been learning the technique of «haute couture», under the management of Judy Koenig, fashion designer in the  « Fédération régionale des métiers d’Alsace ».


Anastasia tells us the art of lace and crochet «Mastertvo» has been given to her by her grandmother on her father’s side, who also got it from her mother, and then from generation to generation.


As her grandmother had two sons, she could only give her art to her granddaughter. As a nine-year-old child, she was trying to succeed her first locks, which have become something unique for her. «Every evening, we used to sit with my grandmother, and step by step, she showed me the secret of the making of lace.»


At the begening, it was just a hobby, but then, this passion for lace has become something more than a simple crochet. It is a «means» of expressing what is going on in your soul of diving into something magical, eternal. Giving your energy, and passing them on in lock.


In the period from 2000 to 2002, the studied in high school for the professional production of dress making. In 2006, she graduated in Moscou State University for Design and Art and she got a diploma as a designer.


Anastasia witnesses : «Beyond my training as a fashion designer, I’m looking for a means of expressing myself, with the help of the material and the crochet. I love sublimate the material and play with the fabrics to create beautiful things, by mixing the heavy materials with the fine lace handwoven. In my works, I use a lot of techniques, such as weaving with a needle, (needle lace), lace with a bobbin and lace with crochet."


Every time, when using a new technique for the creation of lace, she creates a unique work. Again and again, she keeps on diving into the techniques of the making of lace and of its history. And so, she’s convinced that this art is unique and timeless.


Formerly, only the members of the Royal family could wear lace. So Anastasia wants the art of lace to last, and its practice and knowledge to be transmitted from generation to generation.


She concludes : «I wish i could share with others the history of lace, and i wish i could create unique and exclusive things with this ancestral knowledge».

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A master at lace, or as we would say in Russian «Masteritza po kroughevam», Anastasia Trufanova is a fashion designer, graduated in Russia.